Following new information being forwarded to us from Tiverton Museum of Mid Devon Life, we have updated the list of serving police officers from Devon & Cornwall to include a PC Frederick James Beer (Private 8251 Coldstream Guards), who was killed on the 5th November 1914 and is buried in Sanctuary Wood Cemetery, Belgium.

Sanctuary Wood Cemetery, Belgium, Commonwealth War Graves Commission Cemetery for First World War dead, where Pt. Beer is buried. Used under CC BY-SA license from Wikimedia.

The Museum forwarded to us the following information found in the Devon and Somerset Weekly News, October 29th 1914 edition;

Writing to PS Garland, Pt Beer (Coldstream Guard reservist) a member of the Tiverton Borough Police force says he thinks the war will last longer than most people imagine.

The November 12th 1914 edition reports that he sent a letter to Inspector Perry of the Tiverton Police Force describing the thousands of fleeing refugees as “one of the most pitiful sights in this war.” Also that he wanted to be remembered to all his Tiverton friends. Unfortunately by the time this went to print he had been killed. Mrs Ware, who he had lodgings with in St Peters Street Tiverton, received news that he had been killed on the 5th November.

More from the Devon and Somerset Weekly News regarding Police Officers:

  • Police Constable Lee, of Tiverton, is in Netley Hospital invalided from the front. He had been with the Devon’s in France since the beginning of the war. There is a later reference to him as “Sgt Lee being invalided from the army”
  • PC Elford of the Exeter City Police, now a Corporal with the Royal Engineers writes that he had heard that PC Townhill was mentioned in General French’s despatches – he writes “we will all try to keep the good name of the Exeter City Police Force untainted”
  • PC Rendell of the Exeter City Police, now with the 2nd Coldstream Guards, writes to Inspector Sanford from France.
  • PC Russell, who was with the 12th Lancers in the Boar War, has been accepted for the Military Mounted Police.

The updated list of Police Officers who fought in the First World War can be found here

Many thanks to the Tiverton Museum of Mid Devon Life for helping us to update our records.

3 thoughts on “Remembering our Police Officers who lost their lives in the First World War: Updated

  1. I can confirm that a PC Balment of the Truro City Police left to join the colours in 1915. Source – West Briton Newspaper 29 November 1915.

    Also, PC’s Benney, Moon and Lindesay of Truro City left for war in 1915. Source – West Briton Newspaper 22 April 1915

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