Part-way through the process of restoration

Today we take a brief jump back in time to 2007, when a 1990s police car was restored with the help of a team of students.

V168 LDV is a five door Ford Escort police car finished in Ford Diamond White with a 1.8 diesel engine. Manufactured in 1999 it was one of the last Escorts to come off the production line at Ford’s Halewood Plant. Having been retired from a working life in Plymouth it was subsequently left in a police pound and badly deteriorated. Because it remained complete with its PMR repeater radio, log book and roof lights, as well as sets of documents used by the police, it was identified by PSCO Paul Martin as a possible restoration project. In 2007 it was passed to the Historic Collections and in liaison with the Automotive Department at South Devon College the car became a project for their students.

Curator Angela Sutton-Vane with South Devon College students and the restored police car

The students sourced original parts for the car with the support and generous sponsorship from local companies. The car has now been valued and assessed as being in exceptional condition and is currently on display at Moretonhampstead Motor Museum.

Were you part of the restoration team? Are you a serving or retired Police Officer with images of a working Ford Escort police car in action? Get in touch with us via the comments or contact us.

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