The South West Heritage Trust has inherited, and continues to collect an amazing collection of materials relating to policing in Devon and Cornwall. The majority of our collection is held in-store at Okehampton Police Station, but a selection of objects are on long-term or temporary loan to other sites. At present members of the public are not able to visit the store.

Click on the links below to find out more about the kind of material our wonderful collection contains.


Archives make up the majority of the collection, with around 7,000 archive records currently catalogued.It includes nominal rolls, discipline books, General Orders, material relating to policing and crime and punishment. To find out more about our archival holdings, click here.


Our object collection is almost too diverse to begin describing! From uniform to confiscated weapons; police lights to Victorian whistles – with a few air raid sirens thrown in too! To find out more about our object collection, click here.


Our photographic collection offers a window into policing and the lives of police officers from the late nineteenth century to the present day. From Victorian portraits to Casco baton training, we are working on cataloguing this immense collection. To find out more about our photographic collection, click here.


Separate from the historic collections is a reference library of material relating to both local and national policing, as well as collections management. To find out more about our library, click here.