• Increase understanding of the history and current challenges of policing in the SW by:
  • Collecting, caring for and making accessible objects, archives and information about police heritage to relevant national professional standards, with an initial emphasis on Devon and Cornwall
  • Supporting and promoting research into police heritage and related elements of offending and the criminal justice system
  • Working with the Police, local communities and the collections to research topics which are of local and national relevance today, and to make the results public through exhibitions, lectures, family activities, publications etc
  • Working within the Devon and Cornwall Police to foster a pride in their history, record important advances or changes in policing, and support their celebrations and achievements
  • Providing effective and inspiring learning outcomes that meet the needs of schools, colleges and universities and that empower young people to understand the nature of crime and its consequences, understand the past and affect the future
  • Working towards a sustainable model through strong partnerships, sound financial management and the creation of an endowment fund and guaranteed revenue funding to support its activities

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