The Trust is a thriving organisation which collects, cares for, interprets and makes accessible material relating to policing heritage in the South West and uses this to connect and work with groups within local communities to foster a long-view understanding of how policing detects and prevents harm and safeguards the public. The responsibility of the Board of Trustees is to take forward the objectives of the SWPHT with vision, courage and imagination, all of which initially requires a significant commitment of time as well as energy and insight.

A key priority is to ensure that the Historic Collections of Devon & Cornwall Police are preserved and made accessible. This includes locating a new site to house the Collection, given that its current location in Okehampton is not expected to be available in the longer term. It also includes developing an imaginative and appropriate way of reaching out to communities in the South West, in making the Collection available to the public.

The Trustees are also responsible for upholding the SWPHT’s charitable aims, which (besides accessibility) include education, promoting citizenship, and also working with the Force in its community objectives.

This involves the maintenance of a sound working relationship with the Force, and the Police and Crime Commissioner, as well as with other interested bodies in the South West, including local museums and heritage projects, bodies interested in promoting tourism in the region, local universities, colleges and schools.

The objects of the Charity are, for the public benefit:

  • to advance education, in particular without limitation the history of the police and their interaction with the community, and
  • to promote civic responsibility and good citizenship
  • in particular but without limitation by protecting, celebrating and making available to the public the key aspects of the heritage of policing in the South West of England and operating, or procuring the operation of, a museum or other collection for public display or exhibition.

Statement of Values

  • We will reach, or exceed, the professional standards set for our sector
  • We will adhere to relevant legal and ethical standards of employment, equal opportunities, Charity Law, H&S and other relevant responsibilities, and be accountable for our actions
  • We will value the way that our Collections allow us to achieve our Vision
  • We will be respectful of the people and events represented by our Collections
  • We will be creative in how we achieve our Vision, and unafraid to be challenging and brave
  • We will offer a balanced, multi-voiced view of the historic and contemporary issues that we explore
  • We will work with our audiences and communities, understand their issues and embrace their diversity
  • We will value our partners, stakeholders, staff and volunteers